Songwriter Scott Simmons’ music might best be described as “Modern Alt Country Rock”. It evokes images of canyons, mirrors, death, tequila, buses, lonely roads, barbed-wire fences and reflects on feelings of anger, frustration and emotions that one wants to mostly to leave alone. Often compared to Neil Young, Sonic Youth & Wilco and even Jim Morrison, Scott’s honest, soulful, and sometimes mournful voice pulls you into a place where Elliott Smith or Towns Van Zandt might have lived. Scott draws on his history having grown up surrounded by books, cigarette smoke, local rock radio, metal, industrial music and the fields and marshes of the Eastern shore of Maryland.  He has self produced and released his debut record (“The Life & Death of Warren Peacemaker” out September 30th on Signshop Records).

Scott started out with vocal music in school after his music teacher asked him to stay after class. Thinking he was in trouble, she had him sing a duet with her son and a week later he was performing at a local mall. Since then, he’s been active playing bass, writing songs and singing in the San Francisco & East Bay music scenes, and you may have heard/seen him in bands around the Bay Area such as Jumped By Fences.

After playing bass in a supporting role, touring and recording, Scott decided to retrain himself on the guitar and focus on his songwriting, sometimes drawing comparisons to Elvis Costello and REM.  Since then he performs solo or with a small band, often playing roaring electric guitar that will lead into an acoustic Americana tinged ballad or a Spanish-tinged influential.